Chennai Weather – Rains Finally after a Hot Week

In what could be a record that may never get broken in our life time Chennai saw 40.3°C yesterday, that is 7 days now in row the day time max temperature has hit 40 in Nungambakkam.  While we have still not broken the 100 year old record it is going to be extremely difficult to see again 7 straight days of 40+ temperatures in Chennai during the month of July.


Share with your family and friends how you are not part of a unique weather event for Chennai which is unlikely to repeat this generation.

But Chennai weather proved it is unique among all metros after scorching right through the day evening and night saw the much expected rains materialize.  Many parts of Chennai received rains last night with IMD AWS in Nungambakkam receiving about 26.5 mm rains yesterday.

With Southwest Monsoon picking up slowly over West Coast the moisture migration from West to East played a major role in the good rains which most of North Coastal Tamil Nadu received last night.  As things evolve this moisture migration would also reduce the heatwave conditions for North Tamil Nadu in the days to come.

Chennai Weather Update: Today could see the temperature finally coming down to lower than 40°C for the first time in over a week.  Today’s temperature could be around 38°C.  Parts of North Tamil Nadu could receive some thunderstorms to the evening.  Passing showers in a few areas Chennai possible as well.