Chennai Weather – Overnight rains lash South Chennai

South Chennai and adjoining suburbs received heavy spells of overnight rains.  Taramani recording 32 mm of overnight rains.  Kelambakkam, Thaiyur, Anna University Weather stations also recorded good rains during this spell.  Villupuram & Tiruvannamalai district received heavy spells of rains with Tirukoilur receiving 69 mm of rains through the night

Southwest Monsoon Update: As the first fortnight of August comes to an end for  #Monsoon2015 the overall deficit stands just outside the threshold of 10% indicating a national deficit so far.  As things stand it looks unlikely the deficit would come down over the next fortnight of August with indications are a Break in Monsoon conditions are likely to exist.  The low pressure currently present near East UP / MP & Bihar area is expected to provide some rains over that region while the monsoon axis is possibly at its northernmost location in the last month or so.  As the low wanes in its influence the rains would start confining to the Himalayan region in the days to come. Southern Peninsula would continue to benefit from the good lower level moisture incursion brought in by the Cross Equatorial Winds with coastal regions of Kerala & Karnataka getting good rains.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Heavy overnight rains lashed a lot of places over North Interior Tamil Nadu as moisture transported from the West Coast triggered convection aided partially by evolving UAC and a dipping trough.  Villupuram district received the heaviest rains of this Southwest Monsoon season with Tirukoilur receiving almost 7 cms of overnight rains. The rains are expected to continue today as well as the UAC strengthens and starts travelling in a WNW over Sri Lanka and then onto the Comorin Sea region.

Chennai Weather Update: Cloudy skies with a pleasant morning due to overnight thunderstorms till about 11 in the morning.  One or two spells of passing showers might happen in a few areas during this time.  Day time temperature could settle at around 34° –  35°C. Towards late evening / night spells of rains could happen in many areas with Early morning providing the best chance of rains for Chennai.