Chennai Weather – Moderately Hot day on the cards

While Chennai Weather continues to go through its second summer syndrome the last couple of days have seen temperatures in the high 30°s’ rather than low 40°s’.

This is expected to continue for a couple of more days with Chennai facing few more hot days.  How bad a day turns out will depend on the setting sea breeze and its battle against westerlies.

Chennai Weather Update: Today Chennai could see a moderately hot day with temperature expected to be around 39°C, as things stand there is less possibility of temperature touching 40°C because sea breeze is expected to set in early today around 1 PM which could prevent the temperatures climbing up drastically around late afternoon the peak period during June / July months.

North Tamil Nadu could see some isolated thunderstorms towards the evening, like yesterday the rains could possibly be more prevalent in areas South of Chengalpet.  The stretch between Marakkanam to Pondy stand a chance of another decent day of rains.


Rain prospects for Chennai would depend on thunderstorms forming in South AP, towards late evening there is a possibility of some thunderstorms forming in South AP depending on  upper level wind support some of these could make the journey to Chennai and provide us some rainfall opportunities.