Chennai Weather – Hot Days to Continue

Southwest Monsoon ended August yesterday with a deficit of 23% and an overall deficit of 11% for the season.   In recent years both July & August, the traditionally rainiest months,  having overall deficits has been a not so regular phenomenon.

Southwest Monsoon Update: The Monsoon trough continues to be parked along the Himalayan foot hills with the rains confined to Northeast India and parts of East India thanks to the North South Trough between Bihar & Odisha.  Crucially in what could have ramifications on the withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon the Upper level westerly Jetstreams have started to show a southerly dip,an indication of potential withdrawal process underway, over Northwest India.  Places like Jaisalmer are pretty  much showing no rain forecast for the next couple of weeks indicating a change on ground as well.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Hot & dry day ahead for most parts of Tamil Nadu.  North TN could see partly cloudy skies and a day time temperature around 37°C.  Central & South TN could see clearer skies resulting in a higher day time temperature with one or two places reaching high 38° or low 39°C.  Except for one or two places getting isolated convective thunderstorms most parts of TN could remain mostly dry

Chennai Weather Update: Hot day ahead with day time temperatures potentially touching high 37°C making it an uncomfortable day ahead with added humidity.  The rainfall prospects as things stand look less for today though one or two areas could receive passing showers through localized convective conditions late in the evening.