Chennai Weather – Hot Day Ahead

As expected the long rainy spell for Chennai pretty much wound up last evening with isolated drizzles in areas to the North Chennai like Madhavaram, Red Hills, Manali etc.  Most of North Tamil Nadu remained dry and hot through the day.

Southwest Monsoon Update: The Depression over Rajasthan has considerably weakened and is expected to drift as a low along NE coming under the influence of Western Disturbance.  As one weakens the other is expected to pick up strength.   The deep depression over North Bay is drifting along in warm waters off the Coast picking up intensity nicely, it is expected to make landfall near the Bangla / Myanmar coast post which it would move back along the Monsoon trough. JTWC has called it a tropical cyclone though IMD might stick to Deep Depression considering its expected short life over the sea Heavy rains over East India are expected under the influence of this disturbance.  Konkan region will get some good rains after a long break thanks to the moisture incursion by the Bay system which is at the same latitude as the region.

Rains in Peninsular West coast will pick up in the next 24 hours as the moisture feed slowly turns towards West coast after the influence of the low over Rajasthan has stopped pretty much completely now.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Most of Tamil Nadu would be having hot conditions today thanks to the more clearer skies expected comparing to the last few days.  Moisture incursion at upper levels which used to play a comforting role in keeping the heat under check over the last week or so is now pretty much absent increasing the day time temperatures over many places.  This poor moisture incursion is also playing a role in reduced thunderstorm activity as well.  Very Isolated and weak thunderstorms may be possible in one or two places over North TN.

Chennai Weather Update: Chennai is expected to see a partly cloudy sky in the morning which is expected to clear off in the later hours leading to an extremely warm day with temperatures touching 38°C possibly.  Chances of rains are pretty much remote for today though one or two places could get isolated passing showers late in the evening