Chennai Weather – Heavy Rains Lash Chennai & Surroundings

Heavy rains lashed North Coastal Tamil  Nadu in particular the places surrounding Chennai as expected.  Places like Uthiramerur has got close to 70 mm rains with some late night rains adding to the evening spell of rains.  Tiruvallur got about 50 mm of rains during the evening thunderstorms.

The Monsoon trough with the support of two active Upper Air Circulation at either side of the Peninsular India continues to provide heavy rains to Central India & Konkan region.  The off shore trough at sea level has meant Monsoon is active over Kerala as well in the Peninsula.  The rains are expected to continue in most parts of India with the heavy rains focussed in the Himalyan region, Gujarat & adjoining Konkan region and Odisha / Chattisgarh belt.

North Coastal Tamil Nadu could have a partly cloudy day today which could bring about a more comfortable weather today for most areas.  Nilgiris & Valparai areas that are in the windward side of the West Coast could see some isolated heavy spells of rains while Kanyakumari district could see some isolated spells of rains.

Chennai Weather Update: Chennai could see a comfortable day at around 36°C with possible evening thunderstorms to bring rains to the city.  Depending on the genesis location of the thunderstorm location we could see the storms move either in a SE direction or NE direction.  Overall there is a fair chance of rains for most parts of North Coastal TN