Chennai Weather – Dry Outlook set to continue

It has been almost a week since the rains have eased.  Chennai Weather since then has seen fairly clear days with warm day time temperatures. The warm days are set to continue with Chennai thanks to the dry conditions prevailing over Peninsular India.

Northeast Monsoon Update: With mostly dry conditions prevailing over Peninsular India the rains have been confined to isolated pockets of South Tamil Nadu and adjoining Kerala particularly around the Western Ghats region.  These conditions are expected to continue with parts of Kerala & South Tamil Nadu expected to receive rains under the influence of the surface level trough that is present in Arabian Sea and aided by a weak upper level circulation off the Comorin Sea.


One or two places in South Kerala & in the districts of Kanyakumari, Thootukudi & Tirunelveli of Tamil Nadu could see isolated heavy rains today.  There is a possibility of the interior places in South TN particularly around Madurai & Dindigul districts getting some rains today with one or two heavy spells expected in a few places.

There is a faint possibility of some places in the Coastal areas of Delta Districts getting some scattered rains today though these could be passing showers at most with moderate rains at times.   Rest of Tamil Nadu looks fairly dry with slightly above average temperatures at most places due to the absence of continental dry air coming in from Central India.

Chennai Weather Outlook: Fairly warm and clear day ahead with day time temperatures around 32°C.  Not much prospects of rains on the horizon.  Night time temperature expected to settle around 23°C.