Chennai to get back Cool Nights

The last few days has seen Chennai having warmer than normal nights due to the prevailing rainfall activity over various parts of Peninsular India.  With cloud cover most of the time of the day the nights were warm thanks to the lack of ground radiation transfer back into the atmosphere. Yesterday saw Hosur and parts of Bangalore receive moderate to heavy rains at places.  Hosur recorded about 27 mm rains last evening.

Now with the Wind Instability induced rains expected to slow down the cloud cover would possibly lower leading to much clearer skies.  While isolated rains over South India is expected to continue over the next day or two the overall rainfall event is slowing down.

The day time temperatures are expected to be about 1 – 3 degrees above normal in South India though this is also expected to ease over the next couple of days.  As an indication of the easing rainfall event we can see the day time temperatures warming up in the West Coast as well.  Most parts of Tamil Nadu will see temperatures in the region of 30°-32°C


Compared to the last few days the night time temperatures in Peninsular India is expected to be cooler by a couple of degrees tomorrow and towards the weekend the night time temperatures are expected to be closer to normal with slightly cooler nights coming back to most places.  While the cold wave conditions which Interior Tamil Nadu faced is not expected over the weekend as January turns into February we could see cold wave conditions come back to the Deccan Plateau


Chennai is expected to see partly cloudy skies during the morning which is expected to give way to mostly clearer skies than the last few days as the afternoon comes in.  Day time temperature is expected to be around 30°C.  As we can observe with the temperature charts of last night it is already showing signs of coming closer to the normal minimum temperatures, it is expected to be around 22° as the weekend comes in