Chennai Summer to Notch up another gear

It has been three consecutive days of Max temperature of the day being broken for Chennai this week.  While Nungambakkam touched 39.1⁰, Meenambakkam was scorching at 39.6⁰ Degrees. Chennai Summer is expected to notch up another gear on Friday, be aware Chennaities, tomorrow could potentially see Kathiri show its true face.

It is going to be another day of Scorching temperature for Chennai with a sure shot 40⁰ Degrees for Chennai as the heat induced surface level trough develops over South Andhra Pradesh.  Due to this Heat Sink the surface level winds will be dragged from interior places bringing hot dry air over Chennai. The position of the heat sink over AP could potentially delay the onset of sea breeze tomorrow aggravating the comfort factor in the afternoon.  All in all it is going to be the first Kathiri Day for Chennai.


Places like Vellore crossed 40 Degrees on Thursday. Heat Wave conditions are likely to continue over North Interior Tamil Nadu & Adjoining Rayalseema, Coastal AP region.  One or two places in Telengana could cross 45⁰ degrees tomorrow.

In all talk of Heat & Summer there is going to be some solace for interior places of North Tamil Nadu where potentially there could be convection driven thunderstorms happening tomorrow evening.  The areas with potential for rainfall is marked in the map below.  The places around Jawwadhu Hills / Polur & Ambur could potentially get squall and heavy thunderstorms