Chennai Summer Rebounds – First Century of the season

Chennai Summer rebounds in style after the effects of UAC wanes away. Today saw the highest temperature of the year for Nungambakkam at 37.8⁰ C, scoring the first century in Fahrenheit terms 100.4⁰ F.

The coming days are not going to see any respite from the heat for Chennai.  With the first century achieved the first 40 ⁰ C of the season is not far away.

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There is a possibility of Chennai clocking its first 40⁰C as early as Tuesday.  It also appears going by charts Chennai could continue to clock 100⁰F every day until the weekend at least. Weather_map

There could be isolated Thunderstorms around the areas of Hosur / Bangalore that could provide some evening showers to these areas. Some parts of South Tamil Nadu especiallly around the Western Ghats region could see rains as the cross equatorial moisture pushing along towards the onset of Southwest Monsoon provides moisture for rains.