Chennai Summer 2016 – A Comparison

We have seen Chennai Summer 2016 provide us some hot and uncomfortable days so far.  How bad has been this year in comparison with the last few years.  Did we see far worse years than this?  A COMK Study comparing the Chennai Summer 2016 with the previous years starting from the turn of this millennium.   We have restricted this study to the 60 preceding days from 2nd May which covers the Early Summer Days of Chennai.  We have done this study using the Station Data of Chennai Meenambakkam which has continuous data for all these available without any breaks.

Some of the highlights of the Chennai Summer 2016 and the other summers since 2000

  1. Chennai Summer 2016 has the second highest average maximum temperature since 2000.  2012 was the hottest year in this context if one considers the Early Summer of Chennai.
  2. This year out of the 60 days 41 days have seen temperatures that have been equal or higher than 35 degrees.  But this year has not been the worst in that aspect 2012 has seen 50 out of 60 days record 35 degrees or higher temperatures.
  3. Chennai Summer 2016 though has seen the highest number of 100°F days.  13 in all. 2013 & 2009 had seen 10 days with 100°F or above. 2006 though has also seen the highest number of continuous 100°F days.
  4. 2006 saw the highest temperature during the Early Summer Period recording 42.6 degrees on 30th April & 1st May
  5. 2006 was the worst years in terms of having the most 40 degrees days as well along with 2000.  Both these years saw 5 straight days of 40°C + days. In comparison 2016 has seen only 2 days so far.
  6.  2016 though has seen the earliest 40°C during this period recording on 23rd April with 2005 not recording even on 40°C till 2nd May of that year.
  7. 2005 was possibly the most comfortable summer since 2000 not only did it see no 100°F days till 2nd May but it has the least average maximum temperature as well.