Chennai Rains Wet Start to June on the cards

The Advent of June is a new season for India, the Southwest Monsoon season, World’s most anticipated Weather Event.  Chennai though does not get directly impacted by this monsoon, being a rain shadow region, but gets widely impacted by the Thunderstorms that get triggered by the travelling moisture from the West Coast under unstable conditions,

As expected a lot of places in interior Tamil Nadu along with South Karnataka & South interior AP got some heavy rains yesterday.  Chennai though had to be a spectator all the while.

In what could be the final sequence of events before the UAC becomes a possible disturbance over Arabian Sea it is expected to travel across Peninsular India in a East to West direction over the next couple of days.  During this period the rainfall prospects for most parts of South India, especially along the path of traverse, to increase dramatically.

The UAC is currently well marked at 700 & 500 hPa levels and is approximately about 200 kms East of Chennai.   Due to the position of the Upper Air Circulation Chennai is currently under an Easterly spell at 700 & 500 hPa levels.   In addition to the moisture incursion from the East there is an unstable zone which could possibly happen slightly North of Chennai at 700 hPa levels due to the convergence of dry air mass as an outflow of HPA over the West Coast & Moist Easterlies from the UAC in Bay.


All in All it looks like perfect conditions for some good rains over North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  The rains are expected to peak between 2nd & 3rd June when the UAC moves extremely close to the coast and starts moving over Land.  But there is every possibility of some isolated showers today to.  Thanks to this UAC not only is Chennai going to get some rains over the next few days the temperature could be under check as well.  Chennai Rains now a firm possibility and June could be onto a wet start.