Chennai Rains Weather Blog Completes two years.

It gives a great sense of pleasure & pride to say the Chennai Rains Weather Blog completes two years today.  As we step into our third year we express our sincere thanks & gratitude to all those who have supported us in this journey.  These two years have not only been a roller coaster journey for us but has taught us a lot which we will carry through our lives.  In this two years the Chennai Rains Weather Blog has gone from being a Facebook Page to a full fledged Social Media Entity across Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Mobile App.

Like all birth this blog was also born under painful conditions, bound to certain principles, we may have lost a few friends during the birth.  We have made our mistakes at times carried away by our enthusiasm of being an upstart our apologies for those uncomfortable moments.  But through this journey we have made new friends who place a lot of trust on what we write here and how we infer the weather events in a simple format.  We realize there is a lot of responsibility on our shoulders and would strive hard to live up to that.  Be assured the COMK Team will always be there when you need to know something about Chennai Weather events.

We also use this opportunity to thank all those friends from the media who have helped us grow in this journey.  The journey from being just a weather blog to a weather resource of Chennai would not have been possible without the trust our friends from the media placed on us.

Finally to all our fellow weather bloggers who have been with us through the thick and thin.  Our heartfelt thanks for being with us through this journey.  The next bend in our journey is coming in the form of NEM2016, let us strap the seat belts, and go pedal to metal.


Now back to the Weather front, the Low Pressure over North Peninsular India continues to persist lying over Telengana & adjoining Chhattisgarh.  Today we are likely to see heavy rains over parts of Maharashtra around the Marathwada region.  One or two places could record very heavy rains as well along the Telengana border as well.  Due to the moisture drag we could see heavy rains around the Ghats of Konkan region of Goa & Maharashtra as well.



Dry weather conditions are likely to continue for most of Tamil Nadu with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms over North Coastal Tamil Nadu between Chennai & Pondicherry.  With strong westerlies it is likely to be a hot day for most parts of the state.  In particular the southern parts of the state could see day time maximum temperature stay around 38 degrees as has been the case for the last few days.


The strong Westerlies are likely to impact the movement of sea breeze front as well with possibly the sea breeze struggling to move inland like yesterday.  This could influence the potential for thunderstorms development in the coastal areas as well.

Thanks once again for all your Support.  Keep Supporting us.