Chennai Rains continue for second day, less chance for a Hat trick

For the second straight day Chennai Rains showed once again why the transition thunderstorms of September are really unique. It was central city area and places around Nungambakkam which recorded near cloud burst conditions on Friday.  Yesterday saw South Chennai & the suburbs record similar intensity rains.  There is a saying in Tamil for the month of Purattasi “பகலில் பொன் உருக காய்ந்து, இரவில் மண் உருக பெய்யும்” the last couple of days Chennai Rains have been a proof of this saying with hot conditions right through the day and high intensity thunderstorms during late evening / night.


Rains were recorded at many places in North Tamil Nadu particularly around Kanchipuram, Vellore & Chennai districts.  Though as was the case the previous day while on part of Chennai was under intense thunderstorms the other part was going through just the leftovers as places like Nungambakkam did not even record any trace of rains.  The bulk of rains stayed to the South of Chennai.

The Upper Level Cyclonic Circulation continues to persist along the West Central Bay though it has slightly climbed latitude and now lies straddling the coast of Odisha as well along with North Andhra Pradesh.  Consequent to this the rainfall prospects for Coastal Tamil Nadu could come down compared to the last couple of days.


Another key factor which one needs to keep in mind is the sea breeze front which was the key trigger for both the day thunderstorms is less likely to be strong today and also the wind directions of surface level does not seem to be in sync with the rest of the synoptic activity which could not aid thunderstorm activity as well around coastal Tamil Nadu as much as yesterday and day before.

While parts of the North Coastal Tamil Nadu could see isolated rainfall activity in one or two places the possibility of high intensity rains like the last two days looks less likely. Chennai Rains may happen in a place or two but how much intensity remains a question mark.