Chennai Rains A possibility today under favorable atmospheric conditions

The last week or so Chennai Rains has been a hide and seek game with some suburbs of Chennai like Vandalur, Guduvancherry receiving rains on Friday while the city had to wait for its turn of thunderstorms.  Things are certainly looking better today with favorable atmospheric conditions present for possible rains over North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  Yesterday a lot of places in Cuddalore & Villupuram districts received rains along parts of Salem district and few places in Delta region.


Southwest Monsoon continues to be weak in the Bay side while Kerala has been getting good thunderstorms which gets officially added to the Southwest Monsoon tally from June 1.  The Bay branch is expected to become better once the monsoon trough gets well established along with possible aid from the current upper level disturbance in Bay of Bengal.


As mentioned in our opening paragraph there is a fair possibility of Chennai Rains today under favorable wind pattern.  The Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation which is now straddling the East Coast of Peninsular India and parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh is well placed to move around moisture over many areas of South India.  This is likely to create cloudy skies over most parts of the region particularly North & West Tamil Nadu enjoying mostly cloudy skies through the day keeping temperatures down and providing for rainfall opportunities as well in some places.


While the last few days has seen interior Tamil Nadu benefit more out of the thunderstorms, yesterday places closer to the coast got benefited from the rains though the rains happened well South of Chennai. Going by model outputs it appears today we could see the benefit of rains happening to places much closer to Chennai and to the city  as well.  As things stand though the bulk of rains could happen slightly to the South of City though the exact pattern is difficult to predict as it depends on the prevailing conditions at the time of thunderstorms forming.

All in All a very favorable day for Chennai Rains at best case and a cloudy low temperature day at worst case.