Chennai Rain Update – How close is it?

The eagerly awaited rains have finally arrived and are possibly about 50 kms away from Chennai.  When will Chennai get its share of rains is the question in every body’s minds.

As they say weather forecasting is a thankless job and possibly more often than not nature has a way to keep the meteorologist under check by behaving in its own way despite all technological advances.

Rains are not very far away for Chennai.  While it might require some bit of luck for Chennai to get some rains tonight, the wait for rains will end soon.  As one can see the thunderstorms & rains that are literally lashing Vellore district and areas around Arakkonam are moving in a NW direction hence could possibly skip the coast and go towards Andhra Pradesh but with little bit of luck the western suburbs of Chennai could get some rains tonight.


With some enthusiasm and eagerness to see rains we are confident by this time tomorrow Chennai would have received its share of first rains from the Western Disturbance.  If luck does not go our way tonight tomorrow late evening / early night could see a decent spell of rains for Chennai.


We also firmly believe the next 24 hours could see widespread rains for Tamil Nadu with many places in North Interior Tamil Nadu and along the Western Ghats getting some good rains.  One or two places in South Tamil Nadu and coastal Tamil Nadu could also get some heavy rains.

Lets hope when we catch up once again we discuss about how it rained in your area and possibly it was a decent spell of rains in Chennai.