Chennai Gets Ready for Christmas, Min Temp Dips across the city

As though heralding the advent of Christmas 2016 the Min. Temp in Chennai took a dip last night with most places recording almost a couple of degrees lower than the last few days.  Chennai Meenambakkam recorded its first sub 20 temperature for December 2016 as preliminary Metar data suggest the Minimum Temperature in Meenambakkam could possibly touching the high 18s which could possibly be the lowest of the year so far.

As we mentioned in our post yesterday suppressed weather conditions are likely to be seen over Peninsular India until Christmas possibly with clear skies going to be the order of the day. Thanks to the clear skies during the day the ground heat is likely to escape back into the atmosphere paving way for cool nights.  With little clouding to trap the heat & aided by the Land Breeze from the West we are likely to see an abnormal dip in the minimum temperatures across North Tamil Nadu

This trend is set to continue during the weekend with little precipitation activity expected till 26th / 27th of December.  We could possibly see Chennai Nungambakkam clock its first sub 20 degree day tomorrow in case it does not get recorded today.  Chennai Meenambakkam could possibly see its first sub 19 degree as well before the advent of Christmas.  In all probability thanks to the weak Winter during early months of 2016 we might end up with possibly the coldest night of 2016 as Christmas Present to Chennai

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