Chennai could finally get its share of Rains tonight

After coming very close over the last couple of days with parts of Chennai receiving drizzles today evening, the time has come for Chennai to get its share of rains from the Thunderstorms that are about 150 kms away to its West.

With eager expectation and constant looking at weather charts / Satellite Maps / Radar images rains have been playing hide and seek with Chennaites.  Finally the day of reckoning has come for us to enjoy the rains hopefully to heart’s content.  Picture1With the severe Thunderstorm that is currently over Vellore & Chittoor is slowly moving in a East South East direction towards the coast.  While Chennai may not get the heavy rains which these places are currently getting but we will not end up being disappointed once again.  The bulk of the rains though would be slightly north and south of Chengalpattu.  ECR areas are expected to once again get good rains like last night.

After yesterday’s battering North Interior Tamil Nadu is getting one more round of heavy rains tonight.