Changing Wind Pattern Indicates Arrival of Thunderstorm season

Weather Update

For most weather bloggers tracking rains / following cyclones tracks etc is a passion but for a few weather bloggers there exists a holy grail that becomes available for exploration twice every year. Once during the Pre Monsoon or Summer months & again during the post monsoon or second summer as a few might call it, the season of thunderstorms, the season for weather bloggers to minutely observe the every changing atmospheric conditions, putting the wind charts under the lens to find out that small bit of trigger which could bring in the right conditions for thunderstorms.

It is also that season which bites you back as a weather blogger when you think you know it all in terms of weather as the impact area changes drastically on a daily basis and even the best performing global weather models bite the dust regularly failing to pick up the slight nuances of tropical weather over Peninsular India. With wind charts indicating a possible chance of winds in the coming week it points to the possible start of thunderstorms over many parts of Peninsular India. Already the northern parts of Deccan Plateau has been seeing for the past couple of days the scrambled winds associated instability triggering thunderstorms over parts of Telangana & South Maharashtra. Weather models indicate similar conditions to develop over parts of South AP, Interior Karnataka & Interior Tamil Nadu in the coming days bringing with it chance for thunderstorms to those areas which typically enjoy their best spell of rains during these pre monsoon & post monsoon thunderstorm season.

Welcome to the season of Veppasalanam or KalBaishaki as it is called in the Eastern parts of the country.