Central Tamil Nadu continues to Swelter

Weather Update

Parts of Central Tamil Nadu continues to bear the brunt of the Summer with temperatures staying above 40°C for the 3rd straight day in Karur Paramathi & Tiruchirappalli AP. Karur has been seeing temperatures stay above 41 for the past 3 days with no immediate respite seen.

While models indicate a slight reduction in temperatures for parts of North Tamil Nadu it is still going to be extremely uncomfortable during the afternoon. Only places about 30 kms from the coast will enjoy some assistance from the Sea Breeze around afternoon with interiors continuing to see fairly high temperatures even around 3 / 4 PM in the afternoon.

Weather Models expect another extremely hot and uncomfortable day for parts of Karur, Tiruchirappalli & Namakkal districts with many places in the city expected to top 40°C once again today as well. Unlike the last couple of days possibly some of the places in West Interior Tamil Nadu could see some reduction in temperatures possibly due to thunderstorm development in the afternoon.

Going by models as has been the case places in Nilgiris and closer to the ghats in Coimbatore & Erode are likely to be once again the hotspots for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Places around Gudalur have been recording good rains for the past couple of days which will go a long way to improving the storage levels in the water holes of Bandipur & Mudumalai Forest Reserves. There is a slight chance of some thunderstorm activity in South TN along the ghats which have been relatively quiet for the past few days.