Brace Yourself Hot Days in Tamil Nadu knocking at the Doors

2016 has been moderate mostly without much hot days in Tamil Nadu so far.  Almost all parts of the county has gone through bouts of extreme heat at least once in 2016 yesterday it was Kannur in Kerala to set a new record in terms of highest temperature recorded with 39.0°C.  Tamil Nadu for most times was immune to this heat wave type conditions so far.  All that is set to change from now with Hot Days in Tamil Nadu set to make a return once again indicating the summer right at our doorsteps.

Starting from today we can start to see steady increase in temperatures across the region with interiors bearing the brunt first.  The last few days average temperatures in the region was mostly around 34 / 35° with a few places touching 36°C occasionally.  From today we could see more places touch 36°C often with a few places climbing up a degree or two. 9_3

From tomorrow across the interiors of Tamil Nadu will start seeing temperatures in the high 30s’.  By the weekend we could potentially see one or two places inch closer to 40°C in the Western Interior region around Salem / Namakkal / Karur. All in all models indicate Hot Days in Tamil Nadu are set to return with a bang.  Coastal areas will be slightly moderated by the Easterly winds though models indicate Chennai to potentially start seeing about 2 / 3 degrees higher than normal temperature from the weekend.

In our tomorrow’s post we will try to understand whether El Nino years have seen a change in the temperature patterns across the region.