Bay Depression dynamics keeping weather enthusiasts on the tenterhooks

The Bay Depression continues to make slow progress making a East Northeastwards journey towards the Myanmar coast.  While it makes slow progress robbing the NEM onset window there is no shortage of drama in the entire sequence of events.  Most models have been fairly consistent in the immediate future of about 24 – 48 hours the subsequent journey the Bay Depression could take is full of twists and turns putting to shame Alfred Hitchcock screen play.

Most models were indicating a potential cyclone before brushing Myanmar coast while it appears we could possibly see a Deep Depression brushing the Myanmar coast and a marginal intensification to a Tropical Cyclone just as the poor steering starts to take effect on the disturbance. Here is our inference on the Bay Depression and what could be in store over the next few days.

In the meanwhile though dry weather is set to continue over North Tamil Nadu with winter like conditions prevailing during early mornings.  South Tamil Nadu is likely to see some rains today as well with some places around Trichy expected to see moderate to heavy spells of rains at times


Chennai and surrounding areas of North Tamil Nadu have been seeing early morning misty conditions an indication of the Dry Weather that has been prevailing in the region with pretty much no moisture around thanks to the unfavorable wind pattern present.