As Southwest Monsoon makes a quick retreat dry conditions expected

Southwest Monsoon has been making a quick retreat over most parts of the Indian Sub Continent with all of North India, major parts of West India and some parts of East & Central India seeing the last of Southwest Monsoon 2016.  The lower level Anti Cyclonic Circulation is firmly in place over Northwest India bringing in the dry continental air from Greater Asia.  This is the first step towards the progress of the North Indian winter.


Over the next couple of days we can expect further withdrawal from almost all of Maharashtra & some parts of Karnataka, Telengana and parts of East India as well.  The only region which could possibly hold on to the monsoon status is possibly the NE India which could see some rains linger on and possibly wind pattern continuing to be erratic for the next few days.


In the meanwhile dry conditions will continue to dominate most parts of the Indian Sub Continent with the exception of the extreme Southern parts of Peninsular India which is likely to see some isolated thunderstorms in one or two places.  Parts of Kerala and extreme South Tamil Nadu could be the beneficiary of these thunderstorms over the next day or two.  These thunderstorms could be isolated and for most areas it is likely to be dry as we wait for the Northeast Monsoon to move in.

With wind conditions now more Easterlies than Westerlies we are likely to see the temperatures come down making it more comfortable in terms of the heat though humidity will remain high with these Easterly winds. Chennai will start seeing temperatures in the region of  33 / 34 during the day time and about 25 / 26 during the night time in the days to come.