As Bay Depression Moves North, Tamil Nadu sees record heat

As the Bay Depression winds its way towards North Bay Tamil Nadu saw record heat return for November.  In a pattern that could repeat for the next couple of days many places in the state recorded about 3 / 4 degrees higher than the max day time temperatures recorded the previous few days.  In the case of Salem & Dharmapuri yesterday saw the hottest November day ever recorded. Similarly in many places yesterday was the hottest day in the last decade during the month of November


With the Bay Depression continuing to move slowly we are likely to see this pattern of weather continue over most parts of Tamil Nadu for the next few days.  Winds are expected to be predominantly from the Northwest bringing in dry air.  Aided by the clear skies over the state the day time temperatures are expected to stay well above normal for most places till the Bay Depression completes its life cycle.


They Bay Depression has been making very slow progress for the last 12 hours or so parking itself off the coast of Vishakapatnam.  This could indicate the start of the possible recurve to the Northeast though we will have to wait and watch how things evolve over the next 12 hours or so.  Most Global models now indicate this Bay Depression to peak at about Deep Depression stage rather than getting into a full blown cyclone which could slightly alter the dynamics and possible direction pattern.

Chennai to see dry conditions prevail with maximum temperature inching closer to 35 degrees and possibly take a shot at setting the highest November day record.