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Yesterday saw many places in Tamil Nadu record high day time temperatures with Salem topping the chart at 37°C while 9 IMD observatories across the state crossed 35°C under relentless Sun.  While the city observatory in Nungambakkam recorded 33°C not far away the Airport observatory recorded 35.5°C with both observatories recording about 3 degrees above normal for this time of the year.

As one can observe from the Max Temperature Anomaly for the day almost all of Tamil Nadu except for small coastal pockets and the high ranges of Western Ghats is going to see 1 – 3 degrees above normal temperature while few isolated pockets not far away from Chennai is likely to see 3 – 5 degrees above normal day time temperature.

In what could possibly be a taste of summer for the Western Suburbs of Chennai places like Avadi / Tiruvallur could touch up to 36°C today making it an extremely hot and uncomfortable day for these places.  Isolated pockets around Vellore like Tiruttani / Sholingur and adjoining places of Rayalaseema region could see temperature reach up to 37 / 38°C.  The expected weak winds is likely to aggravate the situation right across the region.

Chennai city areas is likely to see Max Temperature of around 33°C while the suburbs will be closer to 35°C and more.  Nights are also likely to be warmer than normal as well.

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