Another Moderately Warm Day in Tamil Nadu on the cards

Yesterday saw a moderately warm day in Tamil Nadu under the effect of the Easterlies.  Most places in the state saw temperatures settle to a high of about 33 / 34°C as Madurai was the only place to cross 35°C in the state.  To compensate for the moderate days the nights have been fairly warm and sticky right across the state.

In an indication of the seasonal change the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is getting ready to get back to the Northern Hemisphere in its journey following the Sun.


The entry of ITCZ into Northern Hemisphere is also an indication of the ensuing summer in Northern Hemisphere and with it the rainy summer monsoon season in the Indian Sub Continent as well.  The Summer Monsoon is though a few months away.


In the meanwhile it is going to be another moderately warm day in Tamil Nadu with most places expected to see day time temperatures around 35°C or lesser.  One or two places in the interiors could see temperatures cross 35°C.  Overall though the temperatures will be kept under check by the fairly strong Easterlies which are likely to bring in some rains as well in isolated places across the Coastal parts of Tamil Nadu, particularly around the Southern Tamil Nadu region.