Another Hot Day in Chennai & Tamil Nadu ahead

Sunday was a fairly hot day in Chennai with temperatures crossing 33°C for the second consecutive day in both the observatories of Chennai.  Similarly across Tamil Nadu temperatures increased a notch with most interior places seeing the effect of clear skies and sun bearing down. Coimbatore had a blazing day with temperature touching 35.8°C

Things are expected to continue in similar fashion for the next couple of days as Hot Conditions are set to continue over Peninsular India.  Places in East India like Odisha are expected to see a marginal respite in the conditions over the next few days.  Peninsular India will continue to see hot days right through the early part of the week with temperatures on an average expected to be 2 – 4°C warmer than normal at many places.


Most parts of Tamil Nadu are expected to see day time highs touch around 35°C particularly around Salem / Coimbatore seeing yet another scorching day.  Chennai along with other coastal places is slightly moderated from the heat thanks to the proximity to the sea & easterly surface winds.  This will also result in fairly warm nights for the coastal region.