Another hot Chennai Summer day awaits

It was a normal Chennai Summer day for suburbs yesterday while the city pretty much was less hot compared to the suburbs.  Chennai Airport crossed 100°F yesterday while rest of the Southern suburbs also saw a very hot day thanks to the Southwesterly Winds that prevailed for most part of the day.

Things are pretty much expected to remain same with temperatures remaining fairly hot across the country.  States like Odisha, Jharkhand which are seeing day time temperatures touch 45 / 46 degrees in a few places are unlikely to see any respite as today also a large swathes of these states along with parts of West Bengal are likely to see temperatures touch 45 degrees.

Parts of Northeast India will continue to receive rains under the influence of moisture laden winds from the Bay interactive with the dry continental air from the West.  Similarly parts of Kerala is likely to receive few spells of rains under the influence of Wind Discontinuity that prevails over the region.  Most parts of the country will remain dry and under intense spell of heat.


In a unique initiative we have tried to provide expected temperature pattern for Chennai & its suburbs along with some important cities of Tamil Nadu.  This would also give a slightly better picture in terms of what to expect and also provide an understanding on how the temperatures change over the geography of the state.  As one can see from the table above North Tamil Nadu is expected to see hotter conditions compared to the rest of the state with once again interiors seeing oppressive day time conditions.  The last couple of days places around Salem has been receiving isolated thunderstorms which are likely to continue today as well in one or two places of Western Tamil Nadu.  Similarly a few places in South Tamil Nadu like Kanyakumari could receive spells of rains in the evening under the influence of Wind Discontinuity.