Another Day of Overnight Rains in Tamil Nadu but could ease today

Yesterday saw another day of Rains in Tamil Nadu particularly around North & West Interior Tamil Nadu with Harur in Dharmapuri district getting more than 4 cms rains. In a case of so near yet so far the stretch between Guduvancherry & OMR recorded moderate to heavy spells of overnight rains while the city had to be satisfied with passing spells of rains.  Airport recorded about 4 mm rains while City recorded 1 mm rain.


As mentioned in our opening part of the post many places in North & Northwest TN recorded moderate to heavy spells of rains yesterday particularly around North & West Tamil Nadu in a stretch between Salem &  Vellore district to the west and Kanchipuram & Cuddalore district to the East.  A few places in region got fairly heavy spells of rains with Vaniyambadi – Vrinchipuram area having another good day of rains continuing from the day before.

After almost 4 good days of Rains in Tamil Nadu we are likely to see a break possibly today from Fairly Widespread rains thanks to slightly more stable conditions expected to prevail.  The presence of early morning showers & cloudy conditions also are likely to influence the instability that could develop out of Ground heat radiation.

Whether this break in rains is going to be restricted to today / tomorrow or may be continue for a few more days we will have to wait and watch on how things evolve.  In response to the monsoon trough moving further North than the normal position the trade winds surge also has moved slightly to the North making it stronger in the Konkan coast & surrounding areas while the Southern Peninsula particularly around Kerala & South Karnataka is seeing weaker than normal winds which could indicate the shape of things to come for us


Parts of Telengana & Chhattisgarh could see heavier spell of rains as these trade winds traverse across the gaps in the Shahayadri hills reching to the interior Peninsular India.   We will continue to watch how things evolve as the day progresses to understand if the break for the Southeast Coast of India is going to be short term or slightly more.

Under the early morning cloudy skies & passing showers Chennai is likely to see a fairly pleasant day in terms of temperature today with the max temperature expected to peak around 33 degrees.