Another day of Cloudy Weather in Chennai, Rains for East India

Under the influence of the upper level wind confluence Cloudy Weather in Chennai is expected to persist today as well while isolated rains were observed in many places of South India.  Parts of Bangalore received overnight passing showers at many places.


The past few days has seen most of India come under the influence of this wind confluence.  As one could observe the rain bands have been shifting slowly to the East with each passing day.  After a couple of days of instability of Central India & parts of North Peninsular India the region of instability will move towards the East Coast of India running all the way from Northeast India until North Coastal AP.


Thanks to the cloudy skies that is expected to prevail over almost all across South India the day time temperatures are expected to be below normal for most of the places in the region expect for possibly a few isolated pockets of West Coast which could see temperatures inching closer towards 35°C.  But overall the temperatures are expected to be very pleasant across the region with places like Bangalore expected to see sub 25°C temperature right through the day.  Places in South Interior Karnataka, parts of AP & Telengana could see day time temperatures that are 3 – 5° below normal.


Warmer than normal nights are expected right through the region thanks to the cloudy skies and absence of ground heat radiation transfer back to the atmosphere.  Places in Coastal Tamil Nadu, South AP & Rayalseema regions could see close to 3 – 5° above average night time temperatures.  The overall pattern would be pleasantly warm day and moderately warm night time temperature.

Weather in Chennai is expected to be pleasant during the day with cloudy conditions likely to persist for most parts of the day.  Expect day time maximum temperatures to be in the region of 28 – 29°C while night time temperatures are expected to be warmer than normal and could be above 24° a good 3 / 4 degrees above normal.


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