After an Emotional Roller Coaster Day in Chennai, Another Day of Heat awaits us

They say Chennai Weather is boring with only three seasons Hot, Hotter and Hottest.  No one will say Chennai weather is boring after the emotional roller coaster day yesterday.  Sizzling temperatures, thunderstorms & rains As Bill Lawry’s famous phase went “Its all happening in Chennai” More on that later.

Southwest Monsoon has made further progress over parts of Arabian Sea in the Comorin area and over large parts of Sri Lanka as well.  In the next 24 hours or so we could possibly see Monsoon touchdown over Indian Mainland well on course for a normal onset as estimated by IMD a couple of weeks back.  Many parts of Kerala have been getting good rains for the last couple of days while the monsoon winds have also picked up over the southern parts of the state indicating onset is a matter of time.

It requires a lot of patience to be a weather enthusiast in Chennai especially when we go through the roller coaster moments like yesterday.  For a good 4 hours or so the temperatures stayed around 40°C with almost an hour of relentless 41°C temperatures after 2:30 PM thanks to the complete dominance of Westerlies.  They say Miracles dont exist in Weather but Chennai proved that wrong as well with a bunch of thunderstorms developing on account of Convective heating and Low Level Convergence just North of the Metropolis.  These thunderstorms not only brought in gusty conditions but gave good rains to many parts of the city bringing in much needed respite.  When you thought you had seen it all for the day the temperatures started climbing up once again nearly touching 34 degrees after 8 PM in a repeat of Sunday.

Models indicate today also could see abnormally hot conditions prevail over North Coastal Tamil Nadu particularly near Chennai and surrounding areas with once again late sea breeze expected by most models.  Yesterday sea breeze did not move in until 4 PM in the city areas while today we could possibly see sea breeze set in after 2 PM.  Like yesterday there appears to be a wind convergence North of Chennai around the Pulicat area today afternoon as well, we need to see if it could trigger thunderstorms also.

All in All a repeat show of yesterday is on the cards for Chennai, temperatures to stay near 40 in the city and a degree or two higher in the suburbs, poor sea breeze till late afternoon.  Will thunderstorms also follow the script? Billion dollar question.


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