After a day of Hailstorms Temperatures to Ease in Tamil Nadu

Yesterday saw possible hailstorms in a few places of Tamil Nadu particularly in the North Interior region of Krishnagiri, Vellore and Dharmapuri districts.  Accompanied by fairly heavy spells of rains this brought relief to the people suffering under intense heat wave like conditions for the past few days.

After many days of intense heat we are likely to see some marginal respite in the conditions as temperature in the interiors is expected to ease by a degree or two while coastal areas are likely to benefit from the sea breeze moderating the day time conditions.

While the wind induced instability in the form trough at mean sea level with embedded upper air cyclonic circulation over the Telengana region exists the instability region could shift slightly to the west compared to Tuesday thereby possibly making the rains happen over more parts of South Interior Karnataka compared to the interior parts of Tamil Nadu.  Few areas along the border like Krishnagiri / Vellore could see some rains but overall there could be a more drier day compared to yesterday.

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