Extreme Heatwave in Tamil Nadu, Isolated Places could touch 44 / 45⁰C

In what is becoming an unrelenting heatwave in Tamil Nadu the temperatures over the last couple of days have been going up.  While Chennai city enjoyed a surprise early sea breeze keeping the temperature under check at 38.5⁰C the suburbs did not have the benefit as unrelenting heat radiated almost till mid afternoon around 3 PM.  Similarly parts of North Tamil Nadu has been seeing extreme day time conditions with both Vellore & Tiruttani recording 43⁰C yesterday.

Things are likely to get worse today as Heatwave in Tamil Nadu shows no signs of abating.  Parts of North Tamil Nadu along with South Coastal Andhra are likely to see very very oppressive conditions as Westerly & Northwesterly winds are likely to dominate once again today.


Most parts of North & Central Tamil Nadu are likely to see temperatures around 42⁰C or higher signifying how bad the heatwave in Tamil Nadu is going to be today.  Isolated places in Tiruvallur / Vellore districts around Tiruttani, Vellore could see temperatures be closer to 44 / 45⁰C and in one or two places cross as well.  Tirttuani’s all time hottest April day was 45.2⁰C on 30th April 1989, today stands a fair chance to inch closer to this record.


Chennai is likely to see temperatures in the region of 39⁰C with possibly going closer to 40 as well in case the sea breeze is delayed.  But there is going to be no respite for the likes of Vellore, Tiruvallur and the suburbs of Chennai like Avadi which are likely to see very hot conditions today.  Similarly Tiruvannamalai, Trichy & Madurai are likely to be around 42 degrees indicating the pretty much wide spread heatwave in Tamil Nadu.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe going to be a very very hot day in North Tamil Nadu