Winter Conditions Firm up over Indian Sub Continent

As we get to the last few days of 2017 and look forward to a new year things are also changing on the Weather front as well with winter conditions slowly establishing itself over the Indian Sub Continent.  Temperatures have started to drop across the region while slowly the prospects of rains seem to fade away further into the distance.

A look at the early morning satellite image pretty much confirms what is happening with most of the convection South of Equator as a developing Tropical Cyclone off the NW Coast of Australia seems to indicate the start of the Australian Monsoon Season is not far away.  The Indian Sub Continent shows a clean slate while even the South China Sea which was showing some potential, courtesy Typhoon Tembin, a couple of days has started to clear up as well.

With the sub continent firmly under the influence of the High Pressure Dry Conditions will persist over the region making the temperatures dip in the night under clearer skies.  Add to it would be the land breeze that increases the cool quotient during early mornings.

All in All with no major weather phenomenon associated on synoptic scale we can look to enjoy the winter conditions.  While tonight is likely to be cooler than normal models indicate places along the Western Ghats to be 3 – 5 degrees below normal for a couple of nights starting tomorrow.