Well Marked Low Moving North

The Well Marked Low in Bay of Bengal now lies parallel to Chennai coast as it continued its Northward journey towards the coasts of Andhra Pradesh.  In what is likely to be a major disappointment for most people of Tamil Nadu this disturbance has not given much rains to places except for Chennai vicinity.  Since yesterday South Coastal AP has been recording good spells of rains which are slowly expected to spread further North along the coasts.


Over the course of the next 48 hours or so this Well Marked Low will move slowly on a N/NW track heading around Machilipatnam / Kakinada region of Coastal Andhra Pradesh.  While the system climbs up the latitude the rain bands also will possibly be moving up as well bringing more areas of Andhra Pradesh under spells of rains while this spell of rains slow down for North Coastal TN including Chennai gradually.

As one can observe under the Westerly wind influence the Southern portion of the Well Marked Low is bereft of any major moisture thereby maintaining the trend of only those areas falling to the Northwest of this disturbance enjoying the best spells of rains so far.  Though the circulation is expected to recycle rain bands over the coastal areas including parts of extreme North Coastal Tamil Nadu rains could gradually ease as the circulation starts moving completely to the Northeast of Chennai.