Weakening Easterlies to make Nights Cooler in Tamil Nadu

The last few days had seen isolated rains in many coastal parts of Tamil Nadu with some light rains in few parts of Chennai last night as well under the influence of the weak Easterly wave activity.  This phase of Easterly wave is expected to come down with effect from today and the rains are likely to slow down as the official Northeast Monsoon season winds down.

The effect of the weakening Easterlies will not only reflect in the slowing down of the light rainfall activity some parts of the state was witnessing for the last few days but also will alter the night time weather conditions as well.  As  the wind charts show land based westerlies are likely to prevail over the region partially under the influence of a mid level High Pressure Zone that is likely to move in over the Indian Sub Continent

With drier conditions likely to prevail the interior parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see a dip in night time minimum temperatures by a degree or two.  In particular the Northwest Interior parts of Tamil Nadu like Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Vellore districts could possibly see appreciable reduction in temperatures.  Coastal places like Chennai may also see a slight dip in night time temperatures though it could still be closer to normal.