Weak Easterlies struggles to break the Dry Weather CobWeb

It is an irony just as the official season for Northeast Monsoon 2017 comes to a closure in about 24 hours from now Weak Easterlies synoptic of all season long once again struggles to break the Dry Weather Cob Web over Tamil Nadu.  Last evening saw some isolated passing spells of showers over a few areas of Chennai as Easterlies tried their best to bring some cheer to weather enthusiasts.

With overall suppressed conditions prevailing over North Indian Ocean Basin the Easterlies resembles the Metro Water pipeline network of couple of months back, just pumping wind with no water.  While some lucky places get a spell or two of passing showers overall no meaningful spell of rains materialize.  In the meanwhile South Indian Ocean buoyed by the presence of the ITCZ in the region is now getting ready to spin a strong Tropical Cyclone that is likely to head towards the Madagascar coast in the coming days.

We had first created this District Wise Rainfall Map as part of our  8th December post when there were more blues & greens in the map.  Progressively the blues in North Tamil Nadu has changed into Green while the Oranges in the Central TN Region have gone worse to become Reds indicative of the poor Northeast Monsoon conditions that has prevailed since the passage of Cyclone Ockhi.

Northeast Monsoon 2017 was a lopsided monsoon from the beginning and ends up the same way with just 24 hours to go officially.