Dry Warmer than normal conditions to prevail over Tamil Nadu

The trend of warmer than normal weather conditions that has been the pattern for the last few days is likely to continue further in the next few days as well.  Dry Weather has been prevailing over large parts of Tamil Nadu since first week of December with only isolated pockets in South Tamil Nadu along the ghats getting some rains.  A combination of dry atmospheric conditions and weak wind pattern thanks to the Easterlies slowing down has meant warmer than normal conditions persist.

A casual observation of the temperature trends of Chennai show both the observatories seeing day time maximum temperature stay close to 32°C nearly 3 degrees above normal for the past couple of days.  Similarly the night time minimum temperatures also seem to be staying a tad above normal except for last Friday when a combination of clear skies and land breeze during the night brought down winter like conditions over many parts of the state.

Since the depression went to North Bay the wind pattern has been scrambled up and what keeps the temperatures down during the day over most of Coastal TN at this time of the year is the strong Easterlies which bring a certain amount of moisture along with almost like a near continuous sea breeze syndrome.

The Easterlies have been weak for the past few days reducing the moisture flow from the Bay add to it the overall dryness in the atmosphere has certainly aided for the warmer than normal conditions.  Models indicate the wind pattern to get back to normal by Wednesday / Thursday with the return of the strong Northeasterlies which will bring down the day time temperatures.