Warm Nights to Persist over Tamil Nadu

As the rains wind down over most of Tamil Nadu dry weather conditions are likely to take charge over most parts of the state for the next couple of weeks.  Slowly we have been seeing the rain bands shift North over the last day or two.  Similar pattern is expected to be followed today as well with isolated rain prospects for the northern parts of Peninsular India along with Central India.  During the week Central India & subsequently some parts of East India will get rains under the influence of the wind instability

Except for some isolated rains along the Western Ghats in Nilgiris district the chance for rains over Tamil Nadu is less with  more stable conditions expected to prevail over large parts of the state.  While South Tamil Nadu areas could see slightly warmer than normal day rest of the state could see a relatively comfortable day with temperatures staying near normal or slightly below normal over the Northwest Interior parts of the state

Thanks to the upper level clouding that will continue to persist for the next couple of days warmer nights are likely to persist for another day or two before a slightly cooler spell awaits Tamil Nadu.  As drier conditions evolve and take firm control of atmosphere under clearer skies and supported by winds from the land we can see cool nights from possibly Wednesday over most of Tamil Nadu.