Warm Days & Cool Nights ahead for Tamil Nadu

As we get to the second half of February the day time temperatures in Tamil Nadu will slowly start picking up as a prelude to the summer ahead.  The interior places of the state will be the first to pick up  heat especially the Kongu Belt along with parts of South Tamil Nadu.  Coastal places like Chennai will continue to be better off under the influence of the Easterlies.

In the short term though for the next few days most of Tamil Nadu will see warm days & cooler nights on account of the overall dry weather prevailing in the region.  The IMD AWS at Nungambakkam is seeing nearly a 2 degree drop in temperatures compared to yesterday.  Cloudy skies tend to keep the night time temperatures warmer while clearer skies tend to allow the temperatures to drop.  Models indicate dry conditions to prevail for the next week or so.

The interior places of the state will possibly once again see sub 20°C temperatures once again though a repeat of the cold spell that happened end January / February 1st week when many places recorded the coolest nights in many years is unlikely.  In all probability this could be the last cool spell post which even the night time temperatures could slowly increase heralding the onset of Heat & Convectional thunderstorms.