Warm day ahead for most of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu saw its best rainfall day of 2018 on Wednesday as the deficit for the period since start of the new year was reduced by more than half with more than 9 mm getting added on Wednesday to the daily rainfall report.  The best spells of the rains happened along the Western ghats as perfectly picked up by the models

As we had mentioned in our post yesterday the rains are expected to ease from now on with today possibly seeing some isolated rains in South Tamil Nadu & West Interior Tamil Nadu but overall the best spell was on Wednesday and today could possibly see the last day we see the wind instability benefiting Tamil Nadu before the spells of rains shift further North towards the northern parts of Deccan Plateau and subsequently into Central India where early next week could see some thunderstorm hit the region

Yesterday saw warmer than normal day over many parts of Tamil Nadu with both the Chennai observatories recording nearly 2 degrees above normal maximum temperatures.  Similar trend is expected to be seen today as well with most of the district seeing day time temperatures hover couple of degrees above normal.  Things could return to normal from the weekend though the cold nights are unlikely to return as we get ready for the warmer period of the year.