Developing Trough of Low to influence Weather over Tamil Nadu

After a fairly long dry spell over most of Tamil Nadu a developing Trough of Low is likely to influence the weather over the next few days.  Till day before yesterday the trend was Hot Days & Fairly cool nights over  most parts of the state indicating the dryness in atmosphere.  Yesterday due to the partly cloudy skies the early morning temperatures showed an increase indicating the changing conditions.

While models expect interiors to remain fairly hot today temperatures could ease from tomorrow as the Trough of Low moves in a W/NW direction brushing parts of Sri Lanka in the next day or two.  From tomorrow there will be some reduction in temperatures over South TN due to increased cloud cover and isolated rain prospects.

The Trough of Low now lying to the E/SE of Sri Lanka is expected to move in a W/NW direction with some models estimating it to strengthen into a more organized disturbance.  As the Trough moves closer to Sri Lanka parts of South Tamil Nadu will get some rains around late tomorrow night or on Monday.

Depending on further development the rainfall prospects could improve with places along the Western Ghats & West Interior areas likely to benefit  more if the system strengthens and moves to the west of the Indian Sub Continent.  As things stand places to the north of Delta districts may not see much out of this disturbance.