Thunderstorms story continues for Interior Tamil Nadu

The story of near daily Thunderstorms over Interior Tamil Nadu has been continuing for most of the week. In particular the areas around Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts have been seeing very strong pre monsoon thunderstorm season so far.

Though yesterday’s highlight was the Thunderstorms in interior Karnataka parts of Coimbatore city and surrounding areas received it’s daily share of rains in the evening. Today once again things are certainly looking up once again for places in Karnataka and adjoining parts of Rayalaseema and North Interior Tamil Nadu.

The cusp season instability is a boon for some of the interior districts around West Interior areas where during Southwest Monsoon the winds are too strong while during Northeast Monsoon they are too far away from the coast.

Yesterday though temperature in Chennai was fairly under control the sea breeze made its impact only around 4PM with the Nungambakkam IMD AWS seeing close to 35°C well past afternoon. This is an indication of weakening Easterlies and is a precursor to the Westerlies regime. Today once again we are likely to see the city temperature stay around 36 / 37°C with suburbs warmer by a degree or two.