Thunderstorms in Interior Peninsular India to Continue

The last couple of days have seen wind induced thunderstorms develop over interior parts of Peninsular India.  In particular areas in South Interior Karnataka & Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh has seen isolated hailstorms along with heavy thunderstorms at times.  Today conditions look good for 3rd straight day of thunderstorms in the interior places.

On the heat front South TN and parts of Central Tamil Nadu will continue to see sweltering conditions prevail during the afternoons with isolated places in Virudhunagar, Madurai & Thoothukudi district around Kovilpatti likely to see temperatures soar to nearly 40°C.

Yesterday Karur Paramathi became the fourth IMD controlled observatory in Tamil Nadu to record 40°C after Madurai Town, Madurai AP & Tiruchirappalli AP.  Going by numerical models there is a fair possibility Karur Paramathi could see another 40°C day along with possibly Trichy AP as parts of Central TN continue to see hot day time conditions.

On the thunderstorm front the Westerlies are expected to be slightly stronger compared to the past couple of days hence there could be more areas of Tamil Nadu that could possibly come under the influence of Wind Discontinuity and thereby some possible afternoon thunderstorms as well.

Northwest Interior Tamil Nadu along the Karnataka border and possibly parts of Rayalaseema & South Int. Karnataka to the North of Bangalore looks to be the likely hotspots today for moderate to heavy thunderstorm activity.  With some luck possibly districts like Karur, Namakkal & parts of Trichy, Ariyalur & Perambalur could get some welcome showers after a day of fairly hot conditions.