Thunderstorms to continue in interior Tamil Nadu

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day compared to the previous couple of days with possibly few pockets of Madurai, Namakkal, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Tiruvannamalai & Cuddalore districts enjoying decent spells of rains.  Neyveli enjoyed the best spell of rains clocking 67 mm rains with more than 50 mm falling in two hours between 3:30 and 5:30 AM. Similarly Cuddalore got 52 mm rains all during the early morning hours.

While there was a fairly high model consensus for rains over North Coastal Tamil Nadu and adjoining parts of South AP except for an isolated thunderstorm around Chengalpet late in the evening nothing major materialized over the North Coastal TN and surrounding areas.

Today could see the thunderstorms continue over Tamil Nadu with once again the interior areas possibly scoring better compared to the coastal areas.  As has been the case when the storms move West to East towards the coastal areas thanks to convergence off the coast we could see some of these storms intensify and give one or two places good rains.

Though the weekend looks a good prospect for places around Chennai in North Coastal TN to get a spell or two of evening convective thunderstorms we could possibly see some isolated thunderstorms make it journey from around the tri junction of AP / Karnataka / TN.