Late Evening Thunderstorms likely over Interior Tamil Nadu

Slowly things are falling in place for rains and thunderstorms over many parts of Tamil Nadu over the next 2 / 3 days as wind pattern firms up over the Indian Sub Continent.  Though places like Chennai in North Tamil Nadu may remain spectators in all probability interior places of the state could enjoy a good spell or two of thunderstorms during this week.

As remnant moisture travelling East to West under the influence of Easterlies are likely to encounter day time heating and a bit of wind convergence over the interior areas of the state.  This will trigger convective thunderstorms during late evening thunderstorms as a precursor to the “Mango Shower” season as these Wind Discontinuity Rains are mostly called in common parlance.

Places along the Western Ghats are ideally placed for the evening thunderstorms with one or two places likely to get heavy spells with the right conditions in South Tamil Nadu around the districts of Virudhunagar /  Tirunelveli & parts of Madurai.  Parts of Kerala is also likely to get spells of rains today along with the interiors of Tamil Nadu.