Temperatures go South in the Hill Stations of Tamil Nadu

As dry weather continues to prevail over most of Tamil Nadu things are shaping up on the Winter front with night time temperatures starting to dip across most parts of Peninsular India.  Due to weak Easterlies there is lesser cloud cover during the night making it conducive conditions for temperatures to dip.  The next 2 / 3 days are likely to see a similar trend continue

While tonight will see most parts of North Tamil Nadu record lower than normal minimum temperatures Wednesday night could see the coldest day of the season across almost all of Peninsular India with many parts of the region expected to see night time minimum temperatures dip by 3 / 4 degrees below normal.

Both Chennnai observatories have recorded appreciable drop in temperatures today morning as compared to the last few days with the Airport observatory recording 2 degrees lower than yesterday as land breeze ensured the temperatures go south.  With the Easterlies weak after midnight the Ocean gets warmer than the land making a fit case of strong land breeze bringing the temperatures down.

Not only places in North TN are seeing appreciably cooler conditions the hill stations of Tamil Nadu are also feeling cold conditions with Ooty recording sub 5°C temperatures right on cue for Christmas.  The trend is expected to continue until weekend possibly with ground frost is a firm possibility in the upper reaches of the Nilgiris.  Valparai was the only hill station not to go into single digits yesterday while the other three stations, Kodaikanal, Coonoor & Uthagamandalam, all of which are perched at a higher altitude is seeing single digit minimum temperatures.