Strong Easterlies to push Moisture into Interiors

Since the start of Northeast Monsoon the Easterlies have been playing cat and mouse with mostly the coastal areas benefiting from the wind convergence zone and stalled thunderstorms resulting in heavy to very heavy rains across the coastal areas while the interior areas were left high & dry.  For the first time the Easterlies were showing signs of streamline which has now seen some rainfall numbers clocked by the interiors

With the Low Pressure off Sri Lanka weakening into an Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation becoming less marked we are likely to see another day of streamlined Easterlies which will once again help the interior places.  Similarly the places along the Western Ghats will get isolated heavy rains as the low level Easterlies with moisture crashes against the lofty Western Ghats. Places like Papanasam, Servalar in Tirunelveli Dt recorded heavy rains yesterday and could see similar conditions today.

Coastal areas are likely to see on and off spells of rains during the early parts of the day and subsequently around evening / night.  Some of these spells could be heavy at times but the spells of very heavy rains from slow moving / stalled thunderstorms will possibly be less likely along the coast.

Chennai is likely to see rain spells continue though it could be more like yesterday with light to moderate spells most of the time with occasional heavy spells.  In a way this easing of things is a blessing in disguise for the water to the get drained rather than adding more to the soil which is fast reaching soaking point.