Return of the King Maker to Revive Northeast Monsoon 2017

A lot of people have been having worries about Northeast Monsoon 2017 especially from South TN and the interior parts of Tamil Nadu. As a principle we stay away from long range weather inferences due to the dynamic nature of how things change drastically in the Tropics.

Partially due to the some of the desperate messages which a lot of people have been sending us and also due to a certain consistency in the influence of one of the Key Ingredients of Northeast Monsoon “MJO the King Maker” we have decided to put a slightly long term view on what could be expected for the coming fortnight.

Some of the Key Take Aways in this special update

  1. The coming fortnight is likely to be the most active phase of Northeast Monsoon 2017 with the influence of MJO expected to be strong over the Bay side of North Indian Ocean
  2. There is a likely hood of 2 tropical disturbances during this period with the first one already now persisting as a Low Pressure Area near Andaman Islands
  3. Models are indicating the possibility of one of the pulse two emerge into Arabian Sea after crossing Sri Lanka / Tamil Nadu which could augur well for the West Interior Areas of the state
  4. The next couple of days is likely to see weak rainfall activity which is expected to pick up once the current Low Pressure comes closer to the Indian / Sri Lankan Coast
  5. Overall the coming fortnight could bring a lot of cheer to most parts of Tamil Nadu from what has been a patchy monsoon so far
  6. Delta districts could be under flooding risk during the first week of December which needs to be watched out for

We will continue to provide our daily weather updates as things evolve.  Do share your feedback “Good or Bad” for us to make a better job the next time around.