Slight Respite from Heat for Interior Tamil Nadu

Over the last week Summer 2018 has firmly made inroads into Tamil Nadu.  Though compared to the previous years Summer has made a delayed start as mentioned in our post a few days back things have certainly picked up pace over the past few days with a few places recording the first 40°C of the year.

For the next couple of days the focus of Mr. Heat is expected to be over parts of Central India & the Konkan Coast as some strong surface winds from East / Northeast is likely to keep a check on sea breeze over Mumbai suburbs.  Numerical models indicate the Eastern suburbs of Mumbai at around 40 – 75 kms from the coast likely to see very little impact from sea breeze increasing the temperatures appreciably during the afternoon.  Isolated suburbs could see 41 / 42°C for the next couple of afternoons before some reduction in temperature is seen.

Just like Rains the West & East Coast share a pretty much similar relationship with heat as well.  If the West coast cranks up the heat the East coast takes a back seat.  Models indicate some slight respite from hot conditions over interior Tamil Nadu with marginal decrease in max temperatures.  Easterlies will continue to keep temperatures under check over coastal places like Chennai.